#2 Pizza Night.

Our long standing Friday night family supper tradition is pizza. Sometimes we have “Family Pizza and Movie Night,” and sometimes Brennan leaves us to go in the other room to play video games with his friends. It’s October, so it’s Harry Potter season (When isn’t it?), so it’s a pizza and movie night with Prisoner of Azkaban as the movie of choice.

Jason and I are having homemade BBQ Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza, and Brennan is having a Plain o’ Jane frozen pepperoni pizza. This is the only pizza he ever wants, besides frozen pizza rolls. He’s says homemade pizza is “just ok”. There’s no accounting for taste. Sigh.

The rest of the day consisted of finishing up a couple of orders for All My Stars Designs, menu planning, grocery shopping, and finishing up laundry. Jason is off until Tuesday (yay!) so it was nice to get all the work done so we can hopefully just have a fun relaxing weekend. He started off his day by making and bringing me my morning tea. So sweet. I love him.

I like cilantro. Yum!

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