#3 Saturday Vibes.

We started out the day with sleeping in and with morning snuggles. Perfect morning, right?

Brennan slept in, too, though how he can sleep in on a couch with sun in his face, I have no idea. And no, that’s not his bed. On weekends he likes to campout in our spare room/tv room. Whatever makes him happy. I’ll keep my comfy bed.

After everyone was up and going, we left base and went into Tumon. Restaurants were able to open back up for outside dining last week, so we decided it was a good day to go to Chili’s.

It’s was nice to see people out and about, but the inside of the Chili’s shopping center was still weirdly empty. Which in my ever graceful case was a good thing. Chili’s is on the second level of the building we were in, and one of the Covid precautions was turning off the escalators. Walking up, somehow I caught my toe on one of the step edges, and tripped. I think it took part of my toenail with it. It hurt. And there was lots of blood. No pictures, but I’m sure you can imagine.

Brennan pointed out that my escalator antics were probably recorded on the security cameras, and he hopes I don’t become a meme. Thank you, my child, for pointing that out.
After lunch, we went and got some coffee at our favorite coffee place, and went for a little drive. (Check out the shipping container building. How cool is that?)
Most of the drive consisted of driving through giant puddles and water running across the road. Guam doesn’t have very good drainage.
After we got back home, it was still overcast, so it felt like the perfect time for an afternoon nap. So we put on some home remodeling show, and did exactly that.

A much needed sweet Saturday.

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