#8 Candy Corn.

We received a return to school memo today. If everything keeps going the way it is, Brennan’s school will open for student attendance on October 26. We’re all a little excited, but also have trepidation. It’s been over 7 months since the kids here have actually attended school, and Brennan is doing really well in virtual school. I’m sure it will be great once we get back into the swing of it.

And since we got the back to school memo, we took a trip to the Exchange to buy Brennan some new shoes and socks. Living on a tropical island means being barefoot most of the time, and flip flops, sandals and Sanuks when we go outside. Besides the Sanuks, none of the rest will work in school. Brennan picked out some Adidas for regular wear, and a Nike pair for PE day. (He wears a mens 8.5 now, how crazy!) He picked out his socks, and on the way to the checkout he found the candy corn shelf. Seasonal things sell out quickly here, so it was a really happy find.

It’s not the orange, yellow, white kind, but it will do.

No one else in the family enjoys candy corn, but to Brennan it’s a fall favorite.

He said it reminds him of Grandma’s house.

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