#12 Monday, Monday.

Monday, Monday. Nothing really excited happened today, and I was just fine with that. I got my walk in, completed a couple of custom orders, worked on hanging shelf brackets in our dining room, made a Fall song playlist, and found some new ideas for our future forever home.

Brennan’s first and last day of school this week was today. The teacher’s are using the rest of the week to prepare for the kids coming back to in person school next week. He did have a presentation to give for Computer Applications this morning and he got an A. Yay! After he was done with class he told me another kid got stage fright when it was his turn, and he tried help him by encouraging him and sending him a private message that he could do it. It didn’t work, but it was so sweet of him to try.

Since every day seems to have a mention of food (Hey, we’re still at home most of the time, and everyone has to eat!), today’s concoction was Chicken and Leek Soup. Tomorrow is grocery day, so I came up with a recipe to use up our excess produce.

They don’t always have leeks at the commissary, so when I do see them, I have to get them. One half went to a white pizza we had last Pizza Night, and the other half went in the soup.

I know at this point it looks like some “mud soup” we made in grandma’s yard as kids, but after the addition of some heavy cream, and a bit more time to simmer, it looked and tasted delicious!

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