#13 Burrito Cake.

Brennan had to take a personality test for a school assignment a couple weeks ago. His test said his personality type was Campaigner (ENFP).

The basic ideas of the personality test.
A lot of this fits him exactly!

So, I finally got around to taking it as well, and my personality type is Defender (ISFJ). It was amazing how spot on it was.

I thought it was pretty cool. Hopefully we can talk Jason into taking it soon, too. I wonder if Brennan takes it again as an adult, if it will be the same, or different?

Brennan was definitely in his Campaigner-Comedian form tonight at supper. I made a Keto Tamale Casserole, and as we were eating he called it Burrito Cake.

It’s probably a “had to have been there” moment, but I will never be able to call it anything else again.

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