#16 Trunk or Treat.

Jason’s squadron had a trunk or treat event today, so we braved the heat and went to check it out.

Brennan decided to be the blow up advertising man; his costume from last year.
He was a hit! (Though he didn’t anticipate how hot it would be in there.)
He said he’s just doing it for the candy, lol.

We stopped at the Exchange on the way home to get some copy paper, and a arm band phone holder. We ended up with the paper, but no phone holder. But they did have some Christmas wrapping paper, (Yay!) so I picked some of that up. Bonus! After that we went to the food court where Brennan got his old standby, Popeye’s spicy chicken, mac n’ cheese, and a root beer, and Jason and I got Charley’s. I got a chicken salad, and Jason picked a buffalo chicken sandwich. Everyone was happy. Gotta love the food court.

Then we got one more treat as we were almost home.


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