#17 The Wednesday Sisters.

Today we ventured out to the only pet store on the island to check it out. After waiting in line for awhile (There’s a 10 person limit) we were able to go in. They had one kitten for sale, and one puppy, so after visiting them, Brennan’s day was made. We ended up leaving with some not-so-exciting, but necessary, cat litter.

After that, since we were out and about, we stopped at Aqualicious in Agat for a Root Beer Float Shake, and then headed back home.

This afternoon consisted of a series of random documentaries we couldn’t seem to turn off because they were just interesting enough, video calling a friend (Brennan), completion of four new Christmas designs (me), naps on the couch (Jason and me), and olive cheese bread. (There may have been some Halloween candy in there, too.) (Everyone) This evening I started a new book.

The Wednesday Sisters.

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