#26 Work and School and Christmas Movies.

I didn’t take even one picture today. I made the mistake of checking my email before doing any of my normal routine or walking today, and I ended up working straight through the whole day. Which is great for my shop, but not so great for me. Tomorrow I’ll have to catch up on my everyday stuff and make sure I get some exercise in. Sometimes I definitely have a problem with balance. (But I did list 8 new designs today, so yay for that.)

Brennan had exciting news when he got home from school. 1. He got 100% on his health quiz today. He had me quiz him before he left for school this morning, so he was happy he remembered everything. 2. They issued report cards for last quarter, and he got all A’s. I’m amazed at the amount of effort he’s put into his school work since we moved to Guam. Not that he didn’t do good in Colorado, but something has definitely clicked in the last year. Just more pride and ownership of what he does, maybe? Maybe it’s just that he’s growing more mature and has more of a sense of self and individuality? Whatever it is, it’s amazing to watch.

Let’s see. Other than that, I made sure to make a healthy supper, and packaged up the Halloween candy, and put it in the pantry. Out of sight, out of mind. We had turkey burgers with caramelized onions, havarti cheese, and bacon, with asparagus and mashed cauliflower on the side. It didn’t make up for the excess of junk we ate over the weekend, but it’s a start back to normal.

One final thought for the day. I almost watched my first Christmas movie of the year today, but I decided to resist just a little longer. I do plan on putting away all our Halloween decorations tomorrow, so there’s no guarantee what will happen after that. I think everyone needs a little extra holiday cheer this year.

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