#30 Log Cabins.

Somehow Jason and I started watching a show about log cabins this evening. It got us reminiscing about some great log cabin we’ve stayed in on vacations, and also about all the houses we’ve lived in through the years.

Just a random cabin that came up in Google.

It was interesting what we remembered the most about our homes. The first house home we lived in after we got married and Jason joined the military was in North Carolina. Jason remembers how cold the bathroom was in winter. I remember the linoleum in the kitchen, and how closed off it was from the rest of the house. We both remember how great our neighborhood was for walks and how much work we put into our lawn and flowers. After leaving NC, our first place in Florida was super tiny, but it was right on a bayou, so the view was awesome. If I counted right, we’ve lived in 9 different houses besides those two. I love how much each one has such specific memories that we’ll carry with us forever.

It also means that we are at level 1000 at knowing how to make the most of weird spaces, and we’ve had a lot of hands on experience with what does and doesn’t work in a house. That just means when we get to build our forever home it’s going to be amazing!

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