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#35 A Walk On The Beach.

Brennan had an early meeting at Scouts the other day, so Jason and I headed down to Tarague Beach for some ocean time. Sometimes you just need a little salt and sand reset.

#34 Happy December!

It’s tropical outside, but it’s looking all Christmas-y in here! Here’s a little look.

#33 Donuts & The Christmas Tree.

On our way back home from the coffee shop this morning, we stopped off at Crown Bakery. Jason has had their donuts at work meetings and such, but it was Brennan and my first time. They were tasty! After we got home, we started putting up the Christmas tree! Yay! Right now it has the…

#31 Operation Christmas Drop.

This evening we watched Operation Christmas Drop. It was mostly filmed on Andersen AFB, where we live. It was cool seeing places that we’re at and see all the time in a movie. It was another pretty day.

#30 Log Cabins.

Somehow Jason and I started watching a show about log cabins this evening. It got us reminiscing about some great log cabin we’ve stayed in on vacations, and also about all the houses we’ve lived in through the years. It was interesting what we remembered the most about our homes. The first house home we…

#29 Today’s Visitor.

We had a little visitor today. Thankfully, I was able to get him out before the cat found him.

#28 Election Day.

Goodness. This election. If you’re like me and watched any election coverage, it’s anxiety and stress inducing. Yikes, just let me know when it’s over. On the (Merry &) Bright side I watched Noelle on Disney+ today. It was cute. Not enough to probably go on the Must Watch Favorites List, but a good start…

#26 Work and School and Christmas Movies.

I didn’t take even one picture today. I made the mistake of checking my email before doing any of my normal routine or walking today, and I ended up working straight through the whole day. Which is great for my shop, but not so great for me. Tomorrow I’ll have to catch up on my…


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