#23 TGIF.

Actually, since quarantine I’m bad about knowing what day it is, but TGIF always sounds exciting, right! Like you’re about to have a good time! In actuality, Jason worked late, came home and finished securing our stuff for the tropical depression that’s due to hit tomorrow, then after we ate, he watched and fell asleep through a documentary about China, and I stayed up too late working on a new Christmas tag to add to my inventory. Whoo Hoo!

One the plus side I cleaned the whole house today and washed all the sheets. Fresh, clean sheets!

Ok, we really are fun, though. Just not today.

So obviously this post is a jumble, so let me go on. I did take two pictures this afternoon, but I just noticed my SD card decided to eat one of them, so it looks like it’s going to be one picture for now.

When Brennan got home from school today he noticed a patio puddle drying in a heart shape. AWW.

The end.