#24 Happy Halloween.

The tropical storm ended up passing us by last night, so today was really warm, but also really pretty. I didn’t get a picture of that, but I did get plenty of our Halloween festivities.

Brennan’s Halloween card. He’s twelve, it has f@rt humor, so of course that meant it was the best card ever!
It was decided that the kid’s could trick or treat this evening, so I packaged up our Halloween, and made the bags cute with some stickers.
Brennan in his Skelly-Boy costume.
My phone’s best effort at getting a full moon shot.
After trick or treating I made a pumpkin quesadilla for Brennan, and Jason and I had turkey wraps. Dessert was Halloween candy, of course.
The traditional watching of the Great Pumpkin.

Despite everything that was different this year, Brennan said he had a fun Halloween. I’ll take that as a success.

Now I’m off the internet for the rest of the night so we can watch Hocus Pocus.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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