#4 Pumpkin Pancakes and Haircuts.

Today started out with a bang. Not really, but I was woken up at 6:39 by a big crack of thunder and couldn’t get back to sleep. Jason had to work on some EPRs for some of his airman, and I needed to work on a couple of designs for Boss’s Day, so it ended up being an stay at home and get stuff done day. With the weather how it was, it was definitely feeling like fall, so I whipped up some Pumpkin pancakes for breakfast.

After that, it was haircut day for both Brennan and Jason. Jason gets a haircut every 2 weeks to stay in military regs, and Brennan hasn’t had a haircut…in months. He’s been growing his hair out again during Covid. Yesterday he was still adamantly in the “grow it out” mindset, but this morning he asked me if I would just cut it off before he changed his mind. There was so much hair! I think I had forgotten what his head actually looked like.

No more floppy hair!

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